Lol Hammond

Lol began  making electronic music with Renegade Soundsystem “ The Spiral Tribe “ in  1991 .
 A year later he formed the seminal “ Drum Club “ with London  dj Charlie hall .
 There first two singles for the highly  influential Guerrilla label became huge club anthems. “ u make me feel so  good “ , And “Alchemy “ the later coming with two incredible orbital mixes . There was also the ground breaking club in the sound shaft , Also called “The Drum Club“, Behind heaven this became the capitols leading progressive house night and was also voted the club of the  nineties  In the “Big Issue“ magazine.

 The Drum Club then signed to producer Youths (ex killing joke bassist) “Butterfly“ label that went through Big life and released two critically acclaimed albums for the label. They toured the world extensively with the likes of The Prodigy And Orbital . There was one last album titled “Live in Iceland“ which was released through Andrew weatherall and Nina Walsh's saberettes imprint .

 In 1995 The Drum Club split and Lol  went onto form “Slab‘ with Nina Walsh and release a couple of albums on  the independent label Hydrogen duke box .

 He then started to record  under his own name going it alone and through his more ambient/soundscaope music became heavily involved With the Big Chill . There was an  album with Big Chill recordings titled “All this is Bliss“ and a  collaboration with the highly gifted musician Roger Eno in 1999 titled “ Damage“.

 In the year 2001 the same year “All this is Bliss“ was  released he was running a lot of nights in the Brixton area including “Funkt“ which was based At mass in Brixton and ran for three and a  half years .

 By chance the director of the movie “SW9‘ Richard Parry which was shot entirely in the area asked Lol to do a cameo in the movie. Also By chance one of Richards favourite tunes was the afore  mentioned Drum Club track “Alchemy“ . He duly included it in the movie, with a new mix by Lol and the two guys got on so well Lol began doing Music supervision on the movie. Music supervision credits now include  “SW9‘ , “Football Factory“ ,  “Its all gone Pete Tong“, “The Business“, “Dirty Sanchez – The Movie“, “London to Brighton“, “The Escapist“, “Outlaw“  “Pusher 2", “Summer“, “Sparkle“ The recently released first inter-active Film “Faintheart“ ( a  collaboration between Vertigo films & myspace) and the soon to be  released classic “Bronson" starring Tom Hardy.

 Lol has also had music featured in many movies including writing the trailer for the Bond movie “The World Is Not Enough“.

 He has remixed the likes of “Killing Joke“, “The  Alabama 3 “, “The Fall“ , “Lush“ , “Republica“, “Curve“, “Chapter House“, “Jah Wobble“  And many more .
 He now combines  djing all over the world , music supervision and producing his own music  .

Paul Kaye

Lol Hammond

Paul Kaye was the lead actor in "Its all gone Pete Tong "

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